The NEVER-TIE BELT is very easy to learn to do. Just “Flip, Stick, & Go! (No more going to YouTube to endlessly practice tying the difficult knot and still never getting the hang of it). Then your child (or you) can do it once at the beginning of class and never have to worry about it after that!

It has been field tested in five different martial arts including grappling arts like BJJ and Judo, and it cannot be grappled off.

Please refer to the sizing chart below. Measure around the waist at the belly button area without a gi jacket on (with a regular fabric tape-measure), then look at the chart to see which size belt to use. The XXS, XS, and S fit most children between 2-12 years old!  The Medium and up fit most adults.


Yes you can! If you’re not a school owner, then please speak to your school about bringing them in, even if only on a trial basis! Your school instructors will love them and make them part of their regular quarterly order! But yes you can order just one! 

Yes, the belts are available in all colour and stripe configurations and the kids gis are available in white, black, blue and pink.  Once you click “Add to Cart” or “Select Options”, when you click on the product, the colour drop-down and size menu will come up. Half-belts and any colour requests that are not available on the colour menu are available also! Just need to email and ask!

Yes, the Never-Tie Belt looks just like a traditional belt. It does not require any add-ons or attachments. Nobody will ever know you have a different belt on.

Yes! There are Adult sized belts as well, in all colours! Below is the ALL SIZES size chart. 

At this time, we only offer high-quality NTB FIGHT GEAR gis in kids sizes, available in white, black, blue, or pink. 

Please click on “Add to Cart” on any product, pick out size and colour (if applicable) and Global shipping is available. You’ll create an account at Checkout (for ease of use in the future) and can pay by major credit-card. If you are a school owner, call or email for Wholesale pricing.

YES! It’s encouraged to learn to tie their traditional martial arts belt as they go for sure! The Never-Tie Belt is great for little ones (who can’t tie) while they learn to tie the traditional way. Or just if an instructor wants to speed up the process of getting class underway. And keeping class on track! Or even for those who don’t want their training time interrupted by always having to tie their belt! And many more reasons you can read about it the About section or the News section.

THE NEVER-TIE BELT is made of of the toughest 100% cotton belt material, with a patented “pre-tied knot with hook & loop fastening system” so that it cannot be grappled off. You put it on by sliding the belt-end into the slot behind the pre-tied knot and flip the “fuzzy” side up so that you can latch the “sticky” side onto it, flip everything over against your waist and you’re ready! It looks just like a traditional martial arts belt and nobody can tell it’s any different (except that it’s easy to put on and cannot come off). See videos of “How to Put On” in the About section.

So many different ways, from starting your little ones with the Never-Tie Belt right from when they sign up, with the gi purchase… (and some schools give the traditional belt as well so they can practice and learn as they get bigger)… to offering it for sale along with all the other belts on your wall for sale as an alternative… to putting it in your online store that your school offers… to incorporating it up until a certain age or up until a certain belt color… Every school does it differently, but most common is picking up a “Starter-pack” and giving all your Tiny Tot classes the belts, and keep re-ordering “Starter-pack”s as you need them… Call/email for school owner special Wholesale pricing. Make your kids classes focus on FUN, not distractions of tying… and make your instructors’ and parents’ lives easier and more fun too!

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