About the Never-tIE belt

NTB stands for Never Tie Belt, which is NTB Fight Gear’s marquee product. (SEE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS BELOW)

The NEVER-TIE MARTIAL ARTS BELT was born out of Sensei frustration of kids not being ready for class because they just can’t tie their belts; even bigger frustration for the parents when they try but can’t help. The classes sometimes start late, the kids try hard but can’t do it, the instructors usually end up doing it for them, and then have to do it all over again 10 minutes later. This is total frustration for everyone, making martial arts classes not as fun as they could be! This is one of the many reasons the Never-Tie Belt was created.  (read more about this in “Meet the Inventor” section) 

As THE NEVER-TIE BELTS became more popular, especially with the obvious Tiny Tots who have tiny fingers and can’t tie, the belts were also discovered to have a variety of other uses…everything from limited-time after-school intro programs, to visually impaired and disabled athletes, to teen and adult serious competitors who don’t want their training time interrupted, to overseas areas and missions where martial arts are being introduced en masse to help various causes, and more…

 THE NEVER-TIE BELT won’t ever take the place of a traditional martial arts belt, and doesn’t intend to, however it  offers an alternative… If we didn’t offer alternatives, we would all still be using only cloth diapers for our babies, and training on old straw mats… The NEVER-TIE BELT could  be offered in every beginner program to ignite the spark in a child for the sport, to hopefully turn this spark into  a life-long passion for martial arts!

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