THE NEVER-TIE BELT in the Media!

The Never-Tie Belt is getting a lot of recognition in the news lately… Since launch in late October 2018, NTB FIGHT GEAR and THE NEVER-TIE MARTIAL ARTS BELT has now been featured twice in The Jiujitsu Times, and in Castanet News, Okanagan Edge News, Judo Coaches online, Motorcycle Mojo magazine, Elevate Jiu-jitsu Magazine, and countless other Facebook and Instagram groups and Martial Arts websites… The Never-Tie Belt has had testimonials from all over the world from dojo instructors, parents of kids who use it, the actual kids who use it, Judo Olympians, Taekwondo masters, Karate and Brazilian Jiujitsu school owners, and BJJ celebrity/stars… Check the “Testimonials” for a couple vids in the About section here on this site, or go onto the Facebook site to see NTB FIGHT GEAR and its various photos, vids, and NEVER-TIE BELT kids! Thank you to all those who have sent in pics and reviews! Its so much appreciated! Please keep sending to me! I love seeing the kids wearing the Never Tie Belt and the words of praise for it! I couldn’t ask for a more uplifting and encouraging martial arts community! Order a Tiny-Tots “starter-pack” for your martial arts school today and check it out… Your kids and parents will love you for it!

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